Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 16: Catching Up on Giving

I took the day off work yesterday to help watch the kids, because our normal daycare (my mother) is travelling for the week and we weren't able to come up with any viable alternatives. Among a day of preparing pasta from scratch and practicing magic tricks, I had a bit of time to begin cleaning up my basement office which had, frankly, gotten a bit out of hand.

While cleaning, I found a number of requests for giving that had come in the mail and been shoved into a pile on the desk. So I ended up giving a bit to both my alma maters - Wabash College and Purdue University. These donations are also matched by my company, I think. (My company is very good about offering matching gifts.)

Also, I found a mail from Discover Indy, which publishes coupon books to benefit various non-profits. A couple of years ago, when it was called ZooBook, I ordered one of these. This year, they sent it to me without asking. The book has long since been lost, but I'm still getting bills trying to get me to pay for it. I kept intending to send one of these back saying, "I didn't order this! I'm not paying. Take me off your list."

Instead, though, I figure I might as well just pay it. (I'm still going to write on the bill that I don't want them in the future, though.) The money does go to support charities, after all.

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