Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

Early on in my preparation for this project, I became aware of Cami Walker's book 29 Gifts, which chronicles her own giving experience. I got the book from the library, adding it to my own pile of books. Though our giving experiences were fundamentally different, I was intrigued that someone else had chosen to write a book on the subject. (Her giving experience is motivated out of a deeply personal place, whereas mine is more intellectual curiosity.)

Then yesterday, I get an e-mail from Brigid Slipka, who is running a blog on her website,, which details her own 40 Days of Giving project. And, graciously, rather than issuing a cease and desist letter for our communal act of genius, she has donated to the 40 Days of Giving team over at Heifer International ... one step closer to that haircut! (And rest assured, Brigid, that if I ever get on Oprah, I will put forward the suggestion that you also be invited.)

Brigid's blog is quite entertaining, and has a lot of great links, so I highly recommend that all of you actually interested in this check out what's going on at her site as well. She actually works in the fundraising industry, so she's got her finger a bit more on the pulse with these sorts of things than I have.

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