Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 18: A Nice Tip

This morning, Elijah and I went out to breakfast at our local Big Boy prior to his swim lessons. We had a good time. I wrote a check for the tip out of the giving fund, tipping over 300% of the cost of the meal.

If you're keeping track, you'll notice that there was no actual giving on Day 17. I posted about the Day 16 giving early in the morning, and I did send out the letters containing the Day 16 giving. In addition, I sent an e-mail out to a bunch of co-workers soliciting donations to our Heifer team. Between work and family obligations, I just didn't fit any new giving experience into the day.

Also, as I was preparing the documentations for my corporate match on my college donations and the Indiana Repertory Theatre, I realized that there was a teensy problem. The corporate matching maxes out at $3,000 total for all donations, which means the more I match art donations the less there will be to match the human services donations that are being auto-deducted from my paychecks. So no more matching of any of these donations in the future - if I only get $3,000 in corporate matching, I need to be sure that it gets leveraged for the organizations that I feel are doing really crucial work. I love Sesame Street as much as the next dad, but PBS just isn't as important as creating sustainable options for starving families in the third world.

One challenge of this project is that, while giving is very joyful, doing it in this sort of fashion creates an obligation which can become a bit tedious. After a day of work, and then with various other writing obligations to meet in the evening, the last thing I want to do is figure out where some money is going to go to, no matter how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel. Sometimes, I just want to sleep!

Speaking of which ... zzzz....

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